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How Photography Changes My Traveling

I get to travel at least a few times a year for my non-photography related job.  Of course, I usually bring my camera on these trips.  It is interesting to see the changes in the way I travel due to photography.  A few years ago, I didn’t plan much when traveling.  For a short trip, I just explored the area once I got there.  For a weeklong trip, I usually plan a few places to go. 

Since picking up photography, I now do some extra preparations.  I might look at some pictures online and see what to expect.  From that, I can see if I want to rent or buy extra gear.  Beyond picking a few destinations, I look at how much time is needed to travel there.  Form that, I will loosely plan the day and try to get there around the golden hours.  In addition, I actually aim to go to fewer places.  This way, I can spend more time photographing in each destination.  This will give me a better chance to get a better photo.

All these planning have become my habit from photographing in Manhattan.  Some of them came from established photographers like Scott Bourne and Brooks Jensen.