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Get Your New Gears Way before a Trip

A few weeks ago, I went on a trip to much anticipated trip to San Diego.  A long trip justifies getting new gears.  A week before the trip, I bought a camera plate that I wanted for a long time in B&H.  However, that camera plate was made for the vertical grip which I didn’t have.  A few days later, I went to B&H again to change it.  Then, I discovered that the camera plate did not fit into my tripod head.  So, the day of my flight, I went to B&H again and bought a quick release clamp for that camera plate.  By that time, enough things had gone wrong that I bought my tripod head with me to make sure that the quick release clamp would fit.  Long-and-behold, it didn’t fit.  So, after all that, I went to San Diego without updating my tripod setup.

B&H is a little out-of-the-way for me.  In that week and a half, I went there 3 times.  I had wanted to change my tripod setup for a long time.  However, I didn’t plan ahead enough to do so before the trip.  It is very easy to fall into the temptation to buy every place of gear we want.  So, I usually procrastinate until right before a trip to get want I absolutely wanted.  However, this time, I played it too close. 

So, give yourself enough time before a trip to get and test your new gears.