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Getting Attached to My Gears

I never thought this could happen.  During my last trip to San Diego, I rented a lens from Lens Rental as usual.  This time, I rented a wide angle lens.  I had heard lots of good things about this particular lens and I was excited to be able to try it for the trip.  However, when I tried it on the field, I failed to get any good images out of it.

For a long time, my photography lent me to crop tighter and tighter.  Often time, I would zoom really close to get a very small portion of the scenery.  This practice unexpectedly affected the way I see things.  I stopped playing attending to the whole scenery in front of my.  Instead, I constantly scanned for only the elements I wanted. 

So, with the wide angle lens, my mental vision did not match want I saw through the lens.  Even when I tried to composite on the viewfinder, my lack of experience with wide angle lens hindered my ability to find good compositions.  After about a day, I gave up using the rented lens. 

I know that if I keep using the lens for a period of time, I will be able to get comfortable with it and produce acceptable images.  However, I never thought that my gears have such a profound effect in changing the way I see things.