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The Privilege of Creating Art

The host of Photo Focus, Scott Bourne, posted a blog titled “You Think You Got It Bad?” this week.  Scott was responding to people’s lack of appropriation for what they already have.  He encourages us to put things into prospective and see what magic we can do with what we have. 

That blog post speaks to my heart.  The amount of things going wrong this world simply can’t be counted.  Even in the states, there are honest people who worked all their lives and now can’t afford to eat.  People who can’t afford health insurance have to give up treatment for their love ones.  Too many of our veterans are still living on the street.  These are happening without counting effects any major catastrophes. 

Of course, these are problems that we can’t solve.  However, putting all these together, one has to realize how lucky we are to be able to create art, to be able to create beauty.  All through history, there are people who gives up everything just to create art.  We all heard of stories about famous painters spend their lives painting without selling anything.  They didn’t give up because of what they didn’t have.  They didn’t give up for lack of recognition.  Perfecting their art is all they were after because creating art is a privilege.

That’s right, regardless of how good we are, we should know that creating art, in and of itself is, a privilege.